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Cellular Release Therapy® is a system designed to clear trauma and painful experience, without the Client having to remember or re-experience it. 


The subconscious mind has unlimited ability to receive, record and store information, and to bring forth logical results based on this information, but it has no volition, per se.  What the subconscious does not reject, it accepts as fact.  So, for instance, as traumatic experiences, internal conclusions and beliefs about the self that result from these experiences, emotions, shock, fears and other data accumulate over the years, at some point it can make perfect sense to the subconscious mind to create an illness or imbalance of some sort in the body, mind or emotions.


Cellular Release Therapy® provides a means by which large amounts of this material can be cleared at once.  This material can also be specific to a certain issue or topic, which the Client determines s/he is ready to have change.  By this means the healing can take place incrementally, or in layers, at a pace which honors the Client’s own sense of timing and safety, while at the same time accelerating the process of transformation.  As this clearing takes place, it progressively decontaminates the natural intelligence of the body/mind.  With each clearing, the entire energy system reorganizes, expands and grows stronger.

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