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Heart of Elijah therapy sessions are for clients who suspect or understand that the work they come to do is actually part of a greater evolutionary or soul work.  This work is particularly effective when clients feel “stuck,” even after experiencing other types of therapeutic modalities.


In this work you will be introduced to a consciousness from the higher realms, The Heart of Elijah, which is aiding us in our healing, transformational, and evolutionary process.


The therapeutic session are effective in dissolving various types of energies and dissonances that have accumulated over time, both in relationship to others and the self.  This includes, but is not limited to:  feelings; old deep belief systems; patterns of feeling, thinking and reacting in these ways; energy from past experiences; and energy from relationships that has not resolved by other means.  Each of these can then be completely removed from your Energetic Signature, which is transformed in this process.  All of this energy is then transmuted into Love.


Deep-seated conditions of long-standing duration can be unlocked and resolved, and clients report remarkable shifts in themselves as a result.


Following our work together, you will be given scripts that can be used at home as a way to continue the inner work on your own, with the aid of The Heart of Elijah.  This accelerates both the therapeutic and evolutionary processes.

In certain situations, it can be beneficial for Remote Work to be done on behalf of a client who is not present physically.  This is done by two therapists who have been trained to work in this way.


To schedule a session, or if you would like further information, you can contact Anne or Robert by phone or email.


Contact info for Anne:  +1 303 810 7309, or

Contact info for Robert:  +1 303 475 4964, or


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