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Cellular Release Therapy®

Specialty Certification Course  

 Cellular Release Therapy® is a clinical hypnotherapeutic system which allows the client to clear traumatic experiences without having to remember or reexperience them.  This is accomplished in a state of deep relaxation; the agreement of the conscious mind is not required, ideomotor signals are employed, and the conscious mind is not engaged.


The subconscious mind resides in every cell of the body, and the cells are continuously programmed from the moment of conception.  This programming is multi-layered and holographic, as what continues from lifetime to lifetime is the energy system, which contains the record of all previous life experience.  The subconscious has unlimited capacity to record and store data and holds everything that has been experienced in the current life as well.  Much of this data is traumatic, which impedes the life force and creates imbalance.


CRT includes detailed protocols which the therapist can use to facilitate for the client to accomplish the necessary clearing.


Using this process, the client can clear specific experiences, multiple experiences of a specific type, emotions, shock and trauma, beliefs and conclusions which resulted from them, all energy of those experiences, and all energy from others involved .  Causal events can be cleared to allow mental and emotional complexes, life scripts and/or physical symptoms and conditions which resulted from them to resolve.


Cellular Release Therapy® is taught as a nine day course, divided into two three day teaching modules, with a three day practicum between the first and second teaching modules.  Class hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. each day.


In Module I the therapist will learn basic techniques of Cellular Release Therapy®.  At the completion of this module the therapist will be able to facilitate for clients to clear traumatic experiences, life patterns and deep life issues.  The client will be able to clear root causes without reexperiencing them.


The second three day component will be practicum, with participants exchanging different types of sessions during these three days.


In Module II protocols will be taught for addressing specific issues:  i.e., weight and eating issues, addictions, physical conditions including illnesses and injuries, smoking, and relationship issues.  Students are encouraged to bring specific issues for use in the practicum.

Prerequisite:  Two sessions of clearing for yourself by a trained CRT practitioner.


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