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Learning Cellular Release Therapy®

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Cellular Release Therapy® is a clinical hypnotherapeutic system designed to clear trauma, and painful experiences of all kinds, without the Client having to re-experience them or be re-traumatized by them.  Many experiences can be cleared without the Client even remembering them.


The subconscious mind has unlimited ability to receive, record, and store information, and to bring forth logical results based on this information.  As traumatic experiences, internal conclusions and beliefs about the self that result from these experiences, emotions, shock, fears, and other data accumulate over the years, at some point it can make perfect sense to the subconscious mind to create an illness or imbalance of some sort, in the body, mind, or emotions.


These imbalances can result in life issues, such as abandonment, rejection, etc.; physical conditions, phobias, allergies, relationship issues, addictions, or other complexes or conditions.


In addition to trauma, Life Issues and the causes of them can be cleared.  Once the causes of a Life Issue, such as abandonment, rejection, loss, trust, or inability to have a fulfilling relationship, have been cleared, the energy of these are no longer held in the Client’s energy system; therefore, they are no longer drawn into the Client’s experience.  The Client’s experience of himself begins to change as soon as clearing is done.


The subconscious knows exactly how to completely heal the body, mind, and emotions.  Because it has no volition, per se, it must be directed to do so.  Because mind is an aspect of the Soul, the subconscious constitutes a bridge and, thus, things held in the Soul can also be accessed and cleared.


In CRT training, you will learn precisely how to elicit the information from the Client, and direct the subconscious to clear these traumas.  The Client does not lose the memory or the experience, but the trauma is no longer present, and the entire energy system reorganizes.


This work is done in a relaxed state, so the subconscious material is easily accessed and cleared.

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